5 Signs Your Japanese Boyfriend is a Keeper


Ladies, still not sure if your Japanese boyfriend is serious about your relationship or simply just playing around and using you to practice their foreign language skills? Well, after talking to various Japanese guy friends on what they would do if they were really serious about the girl they are dating, I compiled a list of signs to show that your Japanese boyfriend is really committed to your relationship. If you are not interested in dating Japanese guys at all, this post is not for you. If you are currently dating or are interested in dating a Japanese guy in the future, read on and enjoy.

1. He makes time for you despite his busy schedule

Japanese men, or Japanese people in general, are famous (or notorious?) for their incredibly busy schedules. It is commonplace for me to book appointments with my Japanese friends for weeks or months in advance. Furthermore, Japanese people are always seen with their notebooks or planners to write their schedules. (Hint:

Furthermore, the Japanese are very well-known for their long work hours. Be it slogging away at the office computer trying to figure out some new algorithm for the company’s intra-net security system or trudging with his already drunk boss to the next izakaya (Japanese bar) at midnight after office hours, Japanese people spend almost their entire adult working lives at the office or at work-related functions.

However, if your Japanese boyfriend still attempts to squeeze in a short pizza lunch date during his lunchtime on work-days, offers to tutor you in your Japanese lessons by Skype call at night after finishing work, or simply wants to know your schedule for the week so that he can plan for your next date, be glad and thank God you have found a keeper.

2. He tries to express his affection and love through simple gestures (though not necessarily by saying “I love you”.)

Ladies, we simply have to get used to the reality that many, if not most, Japanese men simply are not used to admitting their feelings to their girlfriends. If you are looking for a guy who never stops declaring his feelings and promising the world to you, I would not recommend dating a Japanese guy since you will only be disappointed. Instead, go date an Italian or a Latin American.

That being said, Japanese men show their affection more through actions and not merely words. Simple gestures like holding an umbrella for you in the rain, getting heat packs from the nearest convenience store during an unrelenting winter night or simply being concerned about the progress of your Japanese and staying up all night to correct grammar errors in your essay are evidences that he is investing in your relationship.

3. He respects you as a lady, and as his girlfriend

Your Japanese boyfriend is a keeper if he cherishes the time spent with you and is open towards hearing your opinions on the latest trends in society, food, and even does not mind if you do not necessarily agree with him on every single issue. He does not tolerate comments that objectify girls as sexual objects and does not expect you to always dress in super kawaii clothing and wear heavy makeup when on dates. He is protective of your safety, such as when you are on crowded trains when you could easily get molested. He enjoys exchanging witty exchanges with you and he sees you as his intellectual other half, and not simply as a trophy partner. He may even go to the extent of asking for your permission should he have no choice but to accompany his boss to distracting entertainment districts where temptations of flirting and hooking up with other women abound. If you have met such a guy, kudos to you; he is a gem.


4. He talks about his future plans with you, and you are in them as well

Another sign of a keeper in a Japanese guy would be the occassional deep and sober (yes, I really mean sober) conversations with you regarding plans, hopes and aspirations for the future. Your Japanese boyfriend is a keeper if he has concrete goals for himself and for the both of you in your relationship. Marriage and having children may be some of the possible topics he brings up, so do not freak out too much when your boyfriend broaches the subject; he is earnest in dating and being with you for the long-term.

5. He introduces you to his family and friends

There is nothing more than your Japanese boyfriend’s devotion to you and his determination to make your relationship work than for him to introduce you as his girlfriend to his family and his friends. He is not embarrassed about being seen in public with you and gives you a look of confidence and support when your feet start to get cold before meeting his family.

If your Japanese boyfriend sounds like the above, date him, treasure him, love him and better still, marry him.

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