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As an aspiring international student I am sure you have become very familiar with the JLPT test. In fact, I'm sure you have probably been hit over the head multiple times with that name. Although the JLPT is popular, there is an alternative that is required by almost all Japanese universities called the EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students). The EJU test has been around since 2002 and is often used in place of the JLPT especially by universities.

What is the EJU Test?


The EJU test is a test that is available for all international students who wish to attend a Japanese university. The EJU test allows universities to determine whether or not a student is fit to attend a traditional Japanese institution of learning. Unlike the JLPT, the EJU test is geared towards testing ones ability to function in a Japanese university environment by testing various subjects such as: Japanese language proficiency, Sciences, Japan and the World, and Mathematics. The test is given twice a year (June and November).

Testing Criteria of EJU

-All students are to be tested in the following subjects

Japanese as a Foreign Language (125 min)

Sciences (80 min)

Japan and the World (80 min)

Mathematics (80 min)

Testing Dates of EJU

June 19 2016

November 13 2016

Application Process and Information of EJU

1st session application period: Feb-March

Send in Exam Voucher: May

Exam Results: July

2nd Session application period: July

Send in Exam Voucher: October

Exam Results: December

Pricing of EJU

Each subject can be taken and paid for separately

¥12,920 for all subjects

¥6,960 for each individual subject taken separately

Scholarship Opportunity for EJU


Upon taking the EJU test, each student has the opportunity to qualify for the "Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students" scholarship which is awarded based on the score results of the students EJU test.

Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to applicants taking the EJU and enrolling as regular students in a Japanese university, college of technology, or junior college. The scholarship is awarded to students who receive exceptional scores on the EJU test and is only for new students.

Price of Scholarship

Scholarship amount: ¥48,000 monthly

How to apply

Mark the proper circle on the EJU application

Selection process of Scholarship

Applicants will be selected based on their results in the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) and priority is given to applicants having better results.

Free App for studying Japanese

The power of technology has made learning different languages more accessible through applications. Some applications can be useful in helping you remember and improve your Japanese language speaking listening abilities. Here are some applications that can be helpful for your learning experience.


Tae Kim's Learning Japanese

Tae Kim's guide learning Japanese is a useful application that aims at teaching you Japanese not from an English standpoint but from a Japanese one. This is done by building grammatical structures that build up the learners understanding in Japanese by taking the learner trough a variety of exercises and explanations that help the leaner understand what the sentences actually mean in Japanese and not English.





Obenkyo is an application that helps learners prepare for the JLPT test by using a series of flash cards designed to help the learner remember the essential subjects such as Kanji, Vocabulary, and listening.

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Learn Japanese

The Learn Japanese application helps learners by showing them a variety of phrases that are useful in certain situations such as common phrases, greetings, romance, and shopping.



WordPower – Learn 1 new word every day ※Not free app

WordPower is an application created by Innovative Language Learning, LLC who are one of the world leaders in language learning software. WordPower will provide learners with a list of the 4,000 most frequently used vocabulary helping learners build the ultimate vocabulary base. Also included are cultural insights into why and how these words and grammar points are used and a variety of interactive activities.

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