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About Kyoto University

Kyoto University is located in the history rich and former Capitol of Japan, Kyoto. Kyodai is the second oldest university in Japan dating back to its foundation in 1897. Kyodai has facilities placed across the city with the main campus being the Yoshida campus. Kyodai offers an incredible variety of graduate and undergraduate programs with dozens of different fields of study. Kyodai is one of Asia's leading research oriented institutions which makes Kyodai a true academic powerhouse.


Distinguishing Features

Academic Quality

Kyodai is ranked as the second best University in all of Asia and Japan as well. Kyodai is also part of the National Seven Universities making Kyodai a true academic force. Kyodai is also a research oriented institution therefore students can expect a hands on approach to their studies and open minds helping them solve modern day issues.

World Class Alumni

Kyodai has developed a truly world class alumni class including 10 Nobel prize winners. Kyodai is known for producing incredibly successful individuals who go on to contribute their talents to top companies in Japan and worldwide. Kyodai is also known for having one of the largest class of alumni who go one go find prestigious careers as government bureaucrats. Kyodai is blazing path of success for its students.

Historical Location


Kyodai's location is surely one of a kind in the world. Situating itself in historical Kyoto, Kyodai offers not only an educational journey but also a look into the beautiful history of Japan. Surrounded by temples and shrines that decorate the landscape, students will be living in one of the most historically significant locations in the world. Kyodai's location is truly enviable.

Basic Information of Kyoto University

Name Kyoto University
Prefecture Kyoto
Year 1897
Population 22,707
English class Yes
Scholarship Yes

Tuition of Kyoto University

Undergraduate students 535,800 yen/year
Graduate students 535,800 yen/year
Law School students 804,000 yen/year
Students transferring from other Faculties or from other universities; readmitted students 535,800 yen/year
Matriculation fee 282,000 yen

Scholarships of Kyoto University

Name Detail
Tuition Exemption Tuition fee reduction or exemption
Admission Fee Exemption Enrollment fee reduction or exemption
Asian Future Leaders Scholarship $25,000/year
Honor student scholarships 200,000 yen/year
Tuition Exemption of the scholarship of China Scholarship Council 535,800 yen/year

Map of Kyoto University

The Japanese government also offers scholarships to international students studying aboard.
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