Average Salary in Japan


Looking to work in Japan in the future? Wondering what salary you could expect to be paid based on the field you wish to work in? The number of non-Japanese people being employed in Japan is increasing, and there are many career choices available other than teaching English!

Average Salary

The average salary in Japan is around 4,150,000 JPY, or around $41,500USD (before tax). This includes both full time, part time and irregular employment. The minimum wage for part time work varies throughout the country. The highest minimum wage is in Tokyo, with a minimum wage of 900 JPY ($9 USD) closely followed by Kanagawa prefecture. The national average minimum wage, as of 2015 is 780 JPY/hour, which is equivalent to around $7.80 USD.

Average Salaries in Different Industries

The industries that have the highest annual salaries are; infrastructure, finance, and information and communication industries, with pilots coming out on top with the highest average salary in Japan, at 11,600,000 JPY per year ($116,000 USD).

Foreign Companies in Japan

Foreign companies on average pay higher salaries than Japanese companies do. One of the key points to earning a good salary in Japan is being bilingual, and getting a position in a foreign company. At a typical Japanese company, an employee’s salary will generally only increase with seniority and time spent working at that company. However, foreign companies in Japan are more competitive with employees, and often give pay rises to employees based on merit.

Age and Gender

Because of the Japanese seniority system, we can see that on average, salary increases with age. For a new graduate, the average salary is about 2,650,000 JPY for men, and 2,250,000 JPY for women, with an average new graduate salary of around 2,500,000 JPY per year. Those new graduates who are employed by an international company can expect a starting salary of as high as 4,000,000 JPY. The highest salaries are earned by men of 45-55 years of age, with an average salary of 6,400,000-6,500,000 JPY ($65,000 USD) per year.

Although the average salary across Japan is around 4,150,000 JPY, there is a large difference in salary between men and women. The average annual salary for a male aged over 30 in Japan is about 5,500,000 JPY, yet for women it is only around 2,900,000 JPY. This gap is partially due to the fact that many women work part time only after having children, and this part time salary is included in the average.


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