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If you're studying Japanese,even casually, there is a likely chance you have heard of the JLPT test. Or if you're like me, you're pushing it off because you have cold feet. Whatever it may be, the JLPT test is an incredibly beneficial factor in your Japanese learning experience as it can put you in position for success in various fields in Japan.

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test


So I'm sure you've heard of the JLPT test over and over before but what is the JLPT test? The Japanese Proficiency Test (JLPT) works in connection with the Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services to create a test to measure the ability of Japanese speakers who are non-natives of Japan. The testing was established in 1984, is given in 62 different countries and has over 610,000 examinees world wide.

How do you benefit from taking the JLPT test?

Taking the JLPT test surely comes with a wide range of advantages that can make you're life in Japan even more convenient, as if it isn't convenient enough already.

Find a Good Job


It goes without saying that if you have a JLPT certificate, especially N1 or N2, your opportunities in Japan expand greatly as you are qualified to work in almost any workplace in Japan.

JLPT helps with immigration status

If you are able to pass the N1 exam of the JLPT you will receive 15 points towards the governments "Preferential Immigtation Treatment System for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals" making it easier for you to obtain a working visa and thus elongating your stay in Japan.

Can help with school entrance

Some Japanese universities take a JLPT certificate as proof of your proficiency in Japanese language. The JLPT test is mainly based on reading and listening ability therefore there are many schools that might not accept the JLPT certificate. If you are an aspiring international student and you want to attend a Japanese Univerity please take a look into the EJU test as it is required by nearly all Japanese universities.

JLPT Testing Levels

The JLPT ranges in levels of proficiency from N1 (behind the hardest) to N5 (being the easiest). Each of these levels tests your ability to read and listen to various Japanese grammar points, vocabulary, everyday conversations, and reading ability.


Most everyone knows that N1 is the hardest level of the JLPT test. Examinees are required to read a variety of advanced Japanese tests such as newspapers, critiques, etc...and be able to fully comprehend them. Examinees are also required to listen to and understand highly advanced lectures, newscasts, and natural spoken Japanese.


N2 is the second hardest levels of the JLPT test but should not be taken lightly. The N2 also requires examinees to read and understand moderately difficult texts such as newspapers, magazines, etc. Examinees are also required to listen to and understand a moderately advanced conversations and so forth.


The N3 portion of the test is said to to be the mid level as it requires Examinees to understand a moderate level of everyday Japanese and read writings that might be encountered in everyday life.


N4 is among the lower tiers in the JPLT test. N4 requires Examinees to have a basic grasp on Japanese grammar concepts as well as the mastery of hiragana, katakana, and basic kanji.


N5 is the lowest level that can be taken on the JPLT testing system. N5 requires Examinees to have a basic understanding of Japanese grammar points and the ability to read basic Japanese and listen to conversations spoken slowly.

Test Dates and Prices

July 3 2016

December 4 2016

N5-N3: ¥4000

N2-N1: ¥5000

Studying Materials For JLPT

Jitsuroku Appu Nihongo Noryoku Shiken


The Jitsuroku Appu Nihongo Nouryoku Shiken is a popular series aimed at preparing future Examinees for taking and excelling in the JLPT test. It is the most preferred and popular due to its easy accessibility.


Nihongo Noryoku Shiken Taisaku Nihongo Soumatome


The Nihongo Noryoku Shiken Taisaku Nihongo Soumatome series is also a very popular and effective series that helps future Examinees prepare for their JLPT testing.


JLPT Preparation free(APP)

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JLPT Preparation free is a very useful app that covers Kanji, Vocabulary, and Grammar from the N5 level to the N1 level of the JLPT test through interactively preparing the user for their JPLT test via participation.



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