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Some time back, I read this article on STOMP (Singapore Seen) on how four Japanese women living and working in Singapore also appreciate the good qualities of Singapore men. As a Singaporean (girl) myself, the opinions of these four Japanese women were refreshing and provided me with some food for thought. Previously, I came across critical and unfavourable comments on Singaporean guys on the Internet and other forms of media – from mainly Singaporean girls who have had unpleasant (to say the very least) dating experiences with some Singaporean guys. While I do not doubt what these disgruntled Singaporean girls experienced with their “bad dates”, I do feel that some of their negative comments tended to be generalisations, i.e. that their criticisms of Singaporean guys were targeted at ALL Singaporean men in general, and not simply the bunch of poorly-mannered guys whom these girls came across personally.

Therefore, the STOMP article on how Japanese women found Singaporean guys attractive caught my attention from the very beginning. I shared my findings with a group of my Japanese female friends who happened to be dating Singaporean guys. The responses I got from my Japanese female friends were not surprising in that they agreed with what the four Japanese women in the STOMP article said about Singaporean guys and gave their reasons. I shall be listing down what my Japanese female friends said on why they found Singaporean guys attractive and why they chose to date a Singaporean guy. (Please note that my friends’ opinions are purely based on their personal dating experiences with Singaporean guys and are in no way representative of what Japanese females in general think of Singaporean guys. Also, their comments on Singaporean guys are simply based on their experiences with their Singaporean boyfriends and male friends. Hence their opinions are not referring to the entire population of Singaporean guys. )

Reason #1: Singaporean guys are generally more supportive of their girlfriends’ career

Some of my Japanese female friends pointed out to me that their Singaporean boyfriends encourage them to continue working and pursue their career even after marriage. Being a stay-at-home housewife is simply an option and not the only route to go. Although such a phenomenon may be attributable to how rising costs of living in Singapore necessitate more dual-income households to support families, my Japanese female friends reminded me that despite Japan’s sluggish economy, many Japanese guys still hope and insist that their girlfriends give up their career once they get married.

Reason#2: Singaporean guys are more straightforward and outspoken in their opinions

Another crucial factor why some of my Japanese female friends prefer to date Singaporean guys to Japanese guys is their common opinion that Singaporean guys are generally more frank in expressing their feelings and opinions in friendships and relationships. Those girls whom I talked to told me that they preferred straightforward and direct communication with their boyfriends to enhance their relationships, as opposed to indirect and roundabout conversations. According to what my respondents shared, Singaporean guys fared better in terms of being more candid and vocal with their opinions, as compared to Japanese guys.



Reason # 3: Singaporean guys are gentlemanly

A Japanese female friend recounted that Singaporean guys know how to treat women (in her experiences) as ladies. She particularly appreciated how her Singaporean boyfriend and male friends open doors for her, pour drinks for her during meals, among many other gestures that she terms “gentlemanly”. In Japan on the contrary, women are generally expected to pour and serve drinks to men during meals and even during business meetings. Furthermore, my respondents shared that some Japanese guys expect their girlfriends to be completely subservient to them.

Reason #4: Singaporean guys are more family-oriented

My Japanese female friends also revealed the reason why they preferred Singaporean guys to Japanese guys was that they felt Singaporean guys are generally more family-oriented men and are more likely to devote more time to the family and to their wives after marriage. Many Japanese guys, on the other hand, tend to be more devoted to their jobs than their families because they believe that it is the woman’s job to raise the kids and manage the family. However, my Japanese female friends strongly believe that raising kids should be shared between husband and wife, and not simply left to the wife. They also wish for their future husbands to spend a balanced amount of time with the family instead of simply being too immersed in work and company drinking events.


Reason #5: Singaporean guys do not expect their girlfriends to put on make-up and dress up impeccably well

One Japanese girl told me that Singaporean girls are very fortunate because Singapore society does not expect girls to put on loads of makeup or dress looking like a million dollars. For Singaporean girls going out on casual outings with friends, a simple outfit plus a simple hairdo with minimal or no makeup will do. In fact, many Singaporean girls pride on having “natural beauty” with little or no makeup, and their boyfriends do not have much qualms about it.

In contrast, Japanese girls in general are expected to wear makeup to the office and when going out because not doing so may make them appear “lazy” or “not knowing how to maintain themselves” in the eyes of others. Hence, Japanese girls tend to dress very fashionably and pay lots of attention to their hairstyles before going out.

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