You Should Definitely Go To These 7 Tourist Spots In Hokkaido


What do you think about when you first hear about Hokkaido? Probably the nature, the hiking spots and the snow? Yes, there is definitely endless discovery in Hokkaido.

Shiretoko National Park


I guess the above picture speaks for the beauty. Shiretoko National Park offers a wide array of beautiful things for you, there are mountains, waterfall, and onsen in this national park. Not convinced? It has also been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For hikers, there is a special walking trail around the lake that connects the five lakes. A note of caution – the park can be pretty chilly during winter, thus it is best to go during summer.

Otaru Canal


Otaru Canal was an integral part of the city’s busy port in the 20th century. However, as modern dock facilities are built, the canal was almost forgotten. Thanks to the local’s effort, part of the canal was restored, and warehouses were transformed into museums, shops and restaurants. Now, the canal is a favorite spot for just strolling around, or enjoying its view during nighttime. The canal is especially beautiful during Snow Light Path Festival, which takes place during mid-February.

Furano Flower Fields


The almost surreal picture is from Furano Flower Fields. While there are different kinds of flowers there in a year, the flower field is most notable for its lavender. The majority of lavender usually starts blooming in late June and reaches its peak from around mid July to early August. After taking hundreds of pictures in the flower field, you can head to the cafes and shops near the flower fields.

Shakotan Peninsula


Shakotan Peninsula is a beautiful mountainous peninsula that offers a grand view of the surroundings and sea. From the peninsula, you can have a splendid view of The Sea of Japan.

The Blue Pond


Doesn’t the mysteriously beautiful color of this pond makes you curious? It is thought that the color is a result of minerals that is dissolved in waters.



Arguably, the most popular ski resort is Niseko. Known for having a spectacular background and light powder snow, Niseko’s ski resort is also popular for foreign travelers. Thus, it is very foreigner-friendly, with many restaurants offering English menu for the tourists.

Rebun Island


Rebun Island is famous for its flowers, which sometimes can be found nowhere else in the world. Thus, it is best to visit during June to August, when the flowers are in full bloom.

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