ecbo cloak: A Unique Way to Store Your Luggage

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Luggage is a major stress that is not only heavy physically but mentally as well. Travelers know all too well the stress of carrying around heavy suitcases and backpacks or worrying about where to store their luggage while they are traveling. It often gets in the way of enjoying your trip and adds an unwanted burden to your plans. Your only viable options are to either wait for the check-in time at your hotel or use the coin locker in the train station. Hotel check-in times are usually after 3pm and coin lockers are always full and not very clean. Just in Shibuya alone there are over 1,200 lockers and only about 8% of those are available for storage. With a city that has over a million people come and go every day, your chances of finding one are nearly impossible. In comes “ecbo cloak” to save the day. ecbo Inc. is offering a luggage service that is not just incredibly convenient but also unique.

What is "ecbo cloak"?

ecbo_CEO_01 ”ecbo cloak” is the brainchild of entrepreneur Shinichi Kudo, who brings his own unique experiences to create an easy and fun experience that will ease all your worries about luggage storage. “ecbo cloak” offers luggage storage space at any time and at your own convenience in any major station in Tokyo! You do it all by yourself at your own leisure! You can throw away all your worries of dragging around your luggage with you, and truly enjoy your trip the way you want!

How does it work?


“ecbo cloak” allows you to store your personal items at any time at any of their convenient locations via website where you can jump to from HERE. You set a reservation time and place, and simply take your luggage to their storage location. It takes away all the stress of looking frantically for coin lockers, which are often full, and allows you to store your luggage whenever you feel like it. Convenient right? But that's just a portion of what “ecbo cloak” has to offer!

Unique Locations


I'm sure you are familiar with the coin lockers located in every station. They are old, not-so-clean, and somewhat uninviting. Did you know that the coin locker system and design hasn't changed in over 60 years? “ecbo cloak” is out to change your perception of plain coin lockers and give you a unique and fresh look at storing your luggage. You won't find ecbo storage services in the dark corners of the train station but rather you'll find them in new, hip cafes scattered about in Tokyo which gives you a look into Japanese culture and delicious food! You can even order from the cafes menu right off the mobile application in some cafes. “ecbo cloak” is out to change your experience from traditional and boring coin lockers, to giving you a unique experience.

Language Support and Insurance

This one is important! “ecbo cloak” offers language support in English, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean. You can store your luggage without the worry of miscommunications. “ecbo cloak” has Customer Support standing by, to assist you with all your needs and ensures the safety of your luggage. “ecbo cloak” also offers insurance options up to 200,000 yen for your misplaced items. “ecbo cloak” takes your baggage safety seriously and goes to all lengths to make sure you're taken care of and at ease.

“ecbo cloak” is changing the way you experience and look at luggage storage services. Traveling can be hectic enough but when adding heavy luggages to that, your trip can quickly turn unenjoyable. “ecbo cloak” takes that burden off your hands and allows you to free yourself of luggage worries with a convenient, cheap, and unique service that can only be found in Tokyo. Now you can truly enjoy your travels!

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