Why Study in Japan? Top 7 Why You Have to Study Abroad in Japan


There's no place like home! But how you can truly know how great your home is unless you're willing to get up and see what is around you. Traveling is an exciting thing for everyone but actually living in an entirely different country is a very intimidating thought. The fact you're far away from you friends and family in a country with a different language and customs alone discourages many. If you are one of the brave few who are willing to make these sacrifices you are probably wondering where to study abroad. The answer is JAPAN!

High educational standards



Japan is revered for it's top level universities that are scattered about the country. According to usnews.com, the top university in Asia is in fact Tokyo University with Kyoto making an appearance at 7th place followed by Tohoku University, Nagoya University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, University of Tsukuba, an Hokkaido University making an appearance in the top 50 best universities in Asia. This all because of the incredibly high standard not only students but faculty and the institutions themselves are held to. Universities in Japan strive for excellence and global connections which makes them an attractive destination for anyone wishing to achieve higher goals through education.

Discover Japan's rich cultural heritage



It's no secret that Japan has history and it's LONG! Many travelers come to Japan to to take a glimpse at the ancient shrines, temples, and castles that once dominated the landscape which have now given way to skyscrapers and neon entertainment. But make no mistake, Japan is a country rich with history that dates back over a thousand years. Did you know the old capital of Japan, Kyoto, dates all the way back to the year 794 according to pref.kyoto.jp? Imagine walking the same streets royalty and nobles once did thousands of years ago as you make your way to your new university which itself is likely to be decorated in rich history.

Enjoy Japanese food, culture and the four seasons



When you talk about Japan, of course you are likely to mention the amazing food and who could blame you? The food in Japan is delicious, healthy (compared with other countries cuisines), and inexpensive. With sushi prices starting at |¥100 and delicious ramen under ¥1,000, you can't help but be pleasantly surprised at what kind of quality food you can buy for such a low price. Japanese culture is world famous for it's warm welcoming people, various traditional practices, and quirkiness. That is in no short supply upon living in Japan as you experience the culture on a daily basis and learn much more than what's on the surface in terms of culture. The four seasons can be fully felt all across Japan. From beautiful spring days to blistering summer heat, you will truly see and feel all four seasons on full display upon living in Japan. Keep in mind that with each season comes new themes in food and events that can only be experienced in that time of year!

Japan is a safe, peaceful place to study



Japan is SAFE! Japan is actually the 9th safest country in the world according to worldatlas.com. One thing residents of Japan enjoy and embrace is the safeness of Japan. It is not uncommon to step out in the middle of the night and grab a meal without the sense of any danger in Japan. In face most people do so. Japanese residents take great pride in the security of its cities and the Japanese police do a great job of ensuring they can be trusted to keep order.

You can both study and save money

Close - up Japanese yen banknotes and Japanese yen coin


Japan has a reputation of being a very expensive place to live. According to Business Insider UK, Tokyo ranks as the 5th most expensive city in the world to live in but don't let this scare you! Japan is very affordable to live in while studying. The MEXT scholarship is a great way to get money to help finance your adventures in studying in Japan. Japanese universities and government offers many opportunities for an affordable path to Japan!

Increased value on the job market



The job market is increasingly becoming more competitive as enrollment in universities goes up. Employers look at hundreds of applications when hiring for new positions. What can you do to make yourself stand out in the crowd? According to usnews.com, pursuing a degree abroad shows potential employers you have the ability to work with and understand other people which is vital in a world that is becoming more connected globally. Showing that you have experience in living and studying abroad is definitely a great way to make your potential employers look twice at your application.

You can make Japanese friends



Anywhere you go you will have the opportunity to make good friends. Upon studying in Japan you will get your chance to meet Japanese people and experience cultural lessons and values via the platform of friendship. There is nothing as authentic as an experience as learning about Japan as making life long Japanese friends who will take you in and show you what can't be seen or read about in a travel magazine but only through close knit friendships.

Recommended Japanese Language Schools in Japan




About NILS

NILS is located in Ogori Japan which is situated in beautiful the Fukuoka prefecture. NILS offers a full time program that is aimed at helping students gain Japanese proficiency and are taught in Japanese to help familiarize students with the language. NILS is not only a place for studying but also is a place for fun as it offers many activities to help students experience Japanese culture first hand. A highlight of the NILS Japanese program is the EJU and JLPT prep classes that help students prepare for the intensive testing and further their studies in Japan at a Japanese University.NILS also offers FREE guidance seminars, supplemental classes, and workshops to ensure students have every opportunity to improve their Japanese ability. NILS is truly at the forefront of helping students achieve their goals in Japan!

Contact from here: UJS Language Institute

Why You Have to Study Abroad in Japan?

There is nothing like the experience of immersing yourself in the culture and language of Japan. Studying in Japan broadens your experience and opens your mind as you learn not only about Japanese culture but about yourself and how you can adjust to fit into the culture. The benefits of studying abroad help prepare you for a future in an ever-changing international setting. As we become more connected globally, the experience of studying in Japan in immeasurable as you push forward to a bright career path. Japan is the future!

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