Here are 7 ways to speak Japanese fluently


Everyone who is learning any language has the same question they ask. How can I speak more fluently? For some people, learning a language comes naturally but for others it is not so easy. Not everyone has resources readily available for them as some people do that go to language school. So what are some things you can do that will help you improve your speaking and understanding ability? Here are a few tips on what you can do!

Watch Japanese Movies or Anime(Should imitate)


A easy source for those who desire to learn Japanese would be watching Japanese movies and Anime. It is a good way to listen to the language and figure what is being said and when to use certain words or phrases. Most people overseas have online streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu that have hundreds of Japanese movies and anime at your viewing pleasure.Be warned because often times the language that is used in Japanese movies and anime is sometimes seen as rude by native speakers, especially strangers. So be careful what you say or learn in movies and be sure to ask a friend if what you are saying is safe to say.

Sing Japanese songs


There is no better way to improve your speaking and understanding ability than learning a few Japanese songs. It will also impress your buddies at your next karaoke outing! Learning Japanese songs is great because you are not only learning how to pronounce and speak the words but you are also learning the meaning of what is being said and the context. If you are an Japanese anime fan you probably have a few songs you already love. Japan, like every country, loves music and there is no shortage of Japanese songs you can learn and love!

Talk with Japanese friends


The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the culture and people. Finding Japanese friends who are willing to speak to you in Japanese goes a long way in helping you with your proficiency because you will have to learn to think and speak in Japanese quickly in order to communicate. The biggest problem learners have is practicing spoken language and because they don't know much, they become a little shy. Finding Japanese friends who will speak with you and correct your mistakes is the best way to go about learning Japanese.

Understanding the Japanese accent


Familiarizing yourself with the Japanese accent is paramount when learning how to speak Japanese. It is difficult enough to learn the language but understanding spoken Japanese poses a whole new challenge itself. Familiarizing yourself with the language is an important aspect of learning the Japanese Language. It is also helpful in learning pronunciation and intonation as there is no better way than to learn first hand. Making Japanese friends will come in handy for this process.

Don't just write it, speak it!


One of the biggest problem language learners face is putting their studies into practice. There are a few reasons for this such as shyness and fear of being wrong. Many students have the ability to write Japanese at a very high level but not so many can actually go out and be brave enough to practice it. It is vital to put your lessons to use and practice spoken Japanese to fully understand what is being said and how to say it. Overcoming

Join a Japanese Language School in Japan


Joining a Japanese language school in Japan is definitely your best bet if you want to learn the language quickly and with context. One of the biggest problems facing people who are learning a language is the inability to practice efficiently. Coming to study Japanese at a Japanese language school in Japan not only excellerates your learning experience but it also give you cultural context. Making friends, practicing the language in a local setting, and making life long memories are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to learning Japanese at a language school in Japan.

Recommended Japanese Language Schools in Japan (Tokyo)

Genki Japanese and Culture School


About Genki Japanese and Culture School

Accredited by the International Association of Language Centres, Genki Japanese and Culture School is most definitely a well decorated school in terms of it's credibility and academic excellence. Located in the hustle and bustle of Shinkuju, Genki Japanese and Culture School allows students to take firsthand Tokyo experiences while learning Japanese and Japanese Culture. Students are provided with some of the best teachers in Tokyo who will guide them in not just learning Japanese but adjusting and learning the culture. Accommodations are also provided as students such as housing assistance. More importantly, Genki Japanese and Culture School courses are accepted by various Japanese universities. Genki Japanese and Culture School is surely your best choice that has all your options covered.

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What is the best way to learn Japanese?

The best way to study Japanese is to come to Japan and throw yourself into the culture and experiences of Japan! Making friends, talking to locals, and learning culture are all things you can only experience in Japan. Technology is ever advancing and the ability to learn language from your own home is a possibility but you will never know the true beauty of the language unless you come and experience the atmosphere for yourself!

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