Here are Best 3 Japanese trainings to speak Japanese


When it comes to learning a language, there are many reasons why we choose to study a foreign language. For the case of Japanese, the reason could be because your friend introduced you to it, which after listening/hearing it from a Japanese native person, found it interesting to study. Maybe you are into Japanese culture (e.g. anime/manga) and has a deep passion to one day travel to the country of the "Rising Sun," which is the reason why you decided to study the language. Whatever the reason, this article is geared towards people who has an interest on learning Japanese. Also, I will explain the reason on why you should study Japanese. After reading this article, you will want to learn Japanese at a Japanese language school in Japan.

1. Japanese Training | pronunciation

Welcome to Japanese 101, let's begin your Japanese training on pronunciation. Pronunciation is important because while you are able to read and write Japanese, pronouncing the word and sounding like a Japanese is essential. Plus, when you take a Japanese class, your teacher is always going to say that talking is an effective way on learning how to pronounce the words.

Since Japanese has three styles of learning (kanji, hiragana, and katakana), the Japanese pronunciation is one of the easiest aspects of the Japanese language. While the pronunciation is considered easy to learn, it still does take practice, which I am going to provide you three ways on how to pronounce Japanese like a native.

How to learn Japanese pronunciation

1. Alphabet


Let's start with the Japanese alphabet. The Japanese language has 14 consonant sounds (k, s, t, n, h, m, y, r, w, g, z, d, b, p) and five vowels (a, e, i, o, u). The language is made up of syllables, one consonant and one vowel. Also, there are exceptions, the vowel and 'n' (ん) sounds, which remain alone. I have provided a website link that takes you to JapaneseUp. This website does a great job of showing you how to pronounce the Japanese alphabet.

2. Watch Japanese dramas/films


Just like I mentioned earlier about talking being an effective way to learn Japanese, the second way to study Japanese pronunciation is basically talking/listening. This case, watching Japanese dramas or movies will definitely help because you can pause and rewind the video to listen the way on pronouncing the Japanese word. We all learn a language through listening and speaking, so why not enjoy a drama/film to help you on your Japanese pronunciation.

3. Download apps onto your smartphone and tablet devices

Japanese apps

The third way is to download apps onto your smartphone and tablet devices. Thanks to technology, learning a foreign language is now easier because there are numerous apps that will assist you on your Japanese studying. Recommendation that I suggest is you download podcast apps, which you can listen and practice speaking Japanese at the same time. Podcasts apps are great because you are able to listen to Japanese anytime and anywhere. Since I am talking about apps, let me recommend you two amazing Japanese podcasts apps to download.

"News in Slow Japanese"


"News in Slow Japanese" is a great learning resource app because it features a different fun news topic every week, which the person speaks Japanese slowly, clearly, and precisely, making every syllable one that can be heard with no difficulty. With you listening, you can pause the video and repeat the Japanese words that the person says, allowing you to pronounce the Japanese words clearly. The news categories vary - from movies, manga, movies, and culture.



"" is one of the best podcasts apps that is available for people who are studying Japanese. There is a plethora of materials that are available for any level. The audio lessons are easy to understand, allowing people to stop and repeat the Japanese words. Just like the "News in Slow Japanese" app, people are able to hear every syllable that is heard in the audio lesson. People will enjoy using these apps because you will have fun and will be learning about Japanese culture too. Studying on your Japanese pronunciation does not have to be difficult, and these suggestions are great places to start.

2. Japanese Training | Basic Japanese grammar


Now that you have some knowledge regarding how to improve your Japanese pronunciation and can write Japanese, let's move on to mastering your basic Japanese grammar. Grammar should be part of your Japanese learning because we learn from our mistakes. When you study basic Japanese grammar, you are going to learn the parts of speech - nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs. With all these that you have learn, let me provide you information regarding how you can be proficient on Japanese grammar.

How to learn Basic Japanese grammar

1. Textbooks


Since you are motivated on studying Japanese, it is time to purchase a textbook. Textbooks are essential because it will be your best friend throughout your Japanese studies. No matter your skill level, there are a plethora of textbooks that are waiting to be open and filled with numerous information. So go online or bookstore and purchase a Japanese textbook.

2. Create sentences on your own

Now that you have a Japanese textbook in hand, it is time to write and create some sentences, using the words that you learn in the textbook. Writing Japanese sentences helps because it is great practice. When writing Japanese sentences, choose words that you hear in daily conversations. Once you master this, applying it in the real world is what you need to do, which brings me to the third idea.

3. Converse with Japanese native people


While living in Japan is fantastic because you are able to meet Japanese people to talk with, you do not necessarily need to be living in the country of the "Rising Sun." The reason is because many Japanese people study abroad, which you are able to meet them at your university. With them attending school at your university, you are able to meet Japanese friends and can converse with them. There are also several online apps that allows you to meet Japanese people and talk with them in order to improve your Japanese. Apps such as HelloTalk and Lang-8 allows you to become friends with Japanese native people, which you can also help them learn English.

3.Japanese Training | Reading aloud

Reading aloud is important on your Japanese studies because it helps a lot on your pronunciation. When you read aloud, you can hear how you sound and make sure that you are pronouncing the word correctly. On this section, I will explain three ways that you can improve your reading aloud.

How to do Reading aloud

1. Read manga


Reading manga is the best way to improve your reading aloud. Also, reading manga is ideal for people who are studying Japanese. The reason why you should read manga is because there are less words and more pictures. With less words, people will be able to read at a quicker pace, making Japanese reading aloud fun and enjoyable. Another reason to read manga is because furigana is included. So if you are having difficulty when it comes to reading a kanji, no worries because furigana will be found above the kanji.

2. Listen to audio

Listening to audio files is another way to improve your reading aloud because it confirms rather your understanding is correct or incorrect. When listening to audio files, you can stop and repeat the line, making sure that you are pronouncing the line correctly. There are many audio files available, which you can go on YouTube and type "Japanese audio files." Also, you can watch Japanese dramas and pause the video, then pronounce what the actor/actress said.

3. Repeat

Learning and speaking Japanese aloud helps. This is why you need to repeat the process and be patient. You read aloud and memorize. Just like how you keep writing and rewriting kanji's, repeating the process when it comes to reading aloud is exactly the same thing. Keep repeating the process until you are able to understand the sentence and grammar structure.

What is the best way to learn Japanese?

While there is no clear answer to this question, studying Japanese takes diligence and patience. You do not necessarily need to pay tons of money on tutors and classes just learning Japanese. The tips that I have mentioned above will help you a lot. With the millions of resources available for you, learning and mastering the Japanese language can be done. You just need to stay focus and not give up. Here at ST Booking, we are here for you, to provide tips/suggestions on coming and living in Japan. Also, to provide you information regarding how you can keep learning Japanese and not get rusty.

Recommendation of Japanese Language Schools in Japan

Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy

Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy

Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy is a academy in which students enjoy studying there. The reason is because students can have fun while studying Japanese. The concept of Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy is for the students to simply make friends and have fun in Japan, which the school believes is the best way to learn languages. The classes are small, with a maximum of eight students, making learning fun and enjoyable. Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy is a fun place to study Japanese that has the best food, nature, and entertainment. If you are ready and excited to attend Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy, then contact us and one of our staff members will assist and provide you more information.

Contact from here: Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy

What is the best way to take Japanese training

While there are no wrong ways when it comes to mastering the Japanese language, your training will be much more easier if you pack your suitcase and travel to Japan. When you come to Japan, take a Japanese language school and learn the language much more quicker because you will be conversing with people in Japanese every day.

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