How to Speak Japanese Well: 10 Simple Tips to Extraordinary Fluency

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Welcome to Japanese 101. I applaud you for choosing to study Japanese and join the more than 125 million people who speaks the language. Each year, people are choosing to study Japanese because they are fascinated with the country’s culture and dreams of traveling to Japan someday. Here at ST Booking, we write articles that provide information on mastering the Japanese language. Tips and suggestions are offered because we know that studying Japanese is challenging and that you can sometimes get frustrated. This article is geared towards people who want to know how to speak Japanese. While reading this article, tips regarding how you can improve your Japanese will be provided, which a recommended Japanese language school will be explained here. After reading this article, you will be much more confident and will want to learn Japanese at a Japanese language school in Japan. This being said, let’s dive in with the tips.

1. Don’t study grammar too much

When it comes to learning a language, the one thing that they always think of first is studying grammar. This is a common mistake because when it comes to studying, the effective way is to listen and speak it. When you are a child, the way you learn your native language is by people talking to you. Either your parents or friends will say something to you and then respond. So technically, while learning grammar should be a priority, you do not have to study it too much because you can learn Japanese by talking to your friends or listening to Japanese music, which you will still learn about grammar because your Japanese friends will teach you regarding how to properly use the Japanese word in a sentence with no grammatical errors. So why not apply this principal when it comes to studying Japanese?

2. Learn and study phrases


With you studying Japanese, learning and studying phrases is what you should do because you will want to know the common phrases that are heard in everyday conversations. When you learn and know the phrases, Japanese people will appreciate it. Learning and memorizing Japanese phrases comes in handy because you will be able to effectively communicate with Japanese people. Also, they will be able to understand you better and give you appropriate advice, which is what the people at Learning Japanese Online revealed. Another reason why you should learn Japanese phrases is because you will never know when you will need them because Japanese phrases is heard in Japanese workplaces and classrooms.

3. Use it or lose it

Since you are constantly studying Japanese and is able to speak the language almost fluently, why not continue speaking it. Show off your Japanese language capability by interacting with Japanese people, which they will be impressed. Also, you should keep speaking Japanese whenever you get the chance because you do not want to forget it. You do not want to be the person who says “Gomen, Nihongo ha hanasanai; ごめん, 日本語は話さない,” which means you are not able to speak Japanese due to not constantly using it.

4. Reading and listening is NOT enough. Practice speaking what you hear!

When it comes to learning Japanese, just reading and listening to it is not enough because you need to fully immerse yourself in the language. With that, you will need to make Japanese friends and communicate daily. While your reading and listening is superb, talking is different because you will be able to hear how you pronounce the Japanese word. Also, while talking, your Japanese friends will be able to teach you on how to say the Japanese word correctly. Another reason on why you should practice speaking is because it helps improve your fluency, which it moves your knowledge of grammar vocabulary and pronunciation from your “slow memory” to your “quick memory.”

5. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes


When you are learning a language, sometimes you are going to make mistakes. Making mistakes is totally fine because you do not learn a new language instantly. Making mistakes is not a sign of weakness, it just motivates you to study harder. When you are studying Japanese, it is great to have some Japanese friends because they will be able to help you on your studies. Also, they will not get mad at you if you make a grammar mistake. Instead, they will be happy and will want to help you.

6. Stop being a student


Studying Japanese does not mean that you are a student. You are actually a teacher because once you master the Japanese language, you will be teaching other people who are studying Japanese. There are many people who wants to learn Japanese, which you will be helping them learn the language and share your knowledge. Also, you will share tips regarding how to study Japanese effectively.

7. Accept that Japanese is a weird language

With 2,136 kanji’s, learning katakana, and hiragana, studying Japanese is a weird language because you have to memorize all three (kanji, katakana, and hiragana). Japanese is a difficult language and also weird, which you are going to hear some strange things from Japanese people. As you progress in your Japanese studies, you will learn about strange/weird idioms that Japanese people often say. One example is “It’s acorns comparing heights; どんぐりの背比べ (donguri no seikurabe). This expression means to describe a group that is roughly the same in ability or quality. For the case of acorns, it is an example of something that comes mostly in the same size and appearance. While Japanese is a difficult language to master, it is also a fun and weird one to study.

8. Remember the answer is in the question

When you study Japanese, notice how Japanese people communicate with other. You will notice that when Japanese asks a question, the answer is going to be answered with the question. You are probably thinking that this is confusing, which it is. Making this clear, let’s say you ask your Japanese friend if they studied today. The question you ask is, “Did you study today?” Your Japanese friend will answer with the question that you answered, which will be “Yes/No + I studied today.” Japanese keeps their answers simple by saying the exact words that you said in the question. The only thing they add is a “Yes or No” answer.

9. Get more out of listening

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Listening to Japanese is important because it will help you on your studies. You can get more by listening Japanese music or watching dramas/movies. When you are listening, you will be able to hear how the Japanese word is spoken in daily conversations. When it comes to learning a language, research has been proven that listening is effective. So get the most out of learning Japanese through listening.

10. Go to Japan!


Now that you are able to listen, read, and communicate in Japanese, why not challenge yourself and travel to Japan. Immerse and challenge yourself by communicating in Japanese everyday. There are lots to see and do in Japan, and you will keep your Japanese language sharp by constantly applying it while living in the country of the “Rising Sun.” Also, while you are here, why not attend a Japanese language school too.

Recommendation of Japanese Language School in Japan



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How will learn how to speak Japanese?

I have provided numerous tips regarding how you can improve your Japanese. Though if you want to challenge yourself and immerse in the Japanese language, then coming to Japan and studying at a Japanese language school is the best choice.

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