Nihongo On The Go: Here Are 6 Easy Ways To Learn Japanese!


Learning a language can be a little difficult, and if you do not have any friends and don't know too much regarding the culture, it can be hard. Fortunately, I'm gonna make your Japanese studies a little bit easier. This article is going to explain six different ways on how you can learn Japanese as easily as possible. After reading this article, you will see that learning Japanese is actually easy and you'll be excited to study abroad in Japan. So, let’s get to it!

Make Japanese friends


When it comes to learning any language, I cannot stress the importance of making friends. For the case of studying Japanese, making friends is imperative. Whether you're living in Japan or back at home, it is possible to make Japanese friends. Have a question, you will be able to contact your Japanese friend. Bored and looking to do something over the weekend? Call your Japanese friend and they'll introduce you to some amazing parts of Japanese culture. Wondering about where to meet Japanese friends? Well, the best place to start is at your university. Attend a club and socialize with Japanese students. After all, it's why you're learning Japanese right?

Go to Japan events


Now that you have met some Japanese friends, it is time to do some sightseeing and attend some amazing Japanese events! With October quickly approaching, there are numerous events that you and your Japanese friends are definitely gonna want to go to. Not living in Japan? Don't worry about it! There are Japanese events that are being held in your city. You just have to keep your ears and eyes open regarding Japanese events that are happening each month and year. If you are studying Japanese and is living in Japan, welcome! I'm gonna let you in on a Japanese festival that will be happening in October. One event is Tokyo Yosakoi, and it will be held on October 8th and 9th of this year. Tokyo Yosakoi is when more than one hundred teams participate from across Japan to show their amazing yosakoi routine. Dressed in colorful clothes, experience just how colorful and vibrant Japanese culture really is. Yosakoi (よさこい) is a unique style of Japanese dancing. Another event that will be taking place in October is the Ikegami Honmonji Temple – Oeshiki (お会式) Festival. This event is going to take place on October 11th-13th and is one you definitely shouldn't miss if you're in Japan. Oeshiki is a religious service that is held every year to commemorate the death anniversary of the founder of the Buddhist Nichiren Sect, High Priest Nichiren Shonin.

Self -study with Japanese learning materials


Today’s society and with the amazing recent technology developments, there are numerous ways to learn Japanese. Not living in Japan, no worries, with the help of your Japanese friends and with the Internet, all you have to do is Google ways on how to learn Japanese. Once you have done this, numerous websites and free resources for learning Japanese will be available for you. Also, do not forget YouTube, now you do not have to really attend a Japanese class to learn basically Japanese. Just type “Learn Japanese” on the search box and millions of results show up. The great part regarding self-studying is that you can study at your own pace and schedule. Recommendation for an amazing Japanese learning material? Try “Learn Japanese with” You can find this on their main website or on YouTube. So, go online and start learning Japanese at your own pace. Happy studying!

Read Japanese books


Since you are studying Japanese, learning how to read the country’s language is a must do. Manga is usually where beginners start because while there is kanji, the hiragana is on the top of the kanji so, you will not have to wonder on how to read the kanji. However, make sure to have a dictionary with you so that you can keep up with your vocabulary and learn new Japanese words. When choosing a Japanese book, it is up to you. Want to challenge yourself? Pick up a regular Japanese book and not manga.

Watch Japanese movies


Tired of reading a book? Take a break and watch a couple of Japanese movies. When learning Japanese, watching Japanese movies is the best because this helps you improve your listening skills. If you can watch Japanese movies without subtitles, you will definitely impress your Japanese friends. Every year, there are lots of Japanese movies that gets released in worldwide. So, just go online and search for Japanese movies that you will enjoy watching. Living in Japan, you are at an advantage because you can watch Japanese TV and movies whenever you want. When watching Japanese films, you are going to learn the way on how Japanese is really spoken. You will see gestures, facial expressions, conversational etiquette, and social customs that is part of the Japanese language. Here at ST Booking, we are going to introduce you to Japanese movies that might pique you. So, if you are learning Japanese, go and watch a movie.

Join a Japanese language school in Japan


You have a passion to continue studying Japanese and really want to become fluent. Then you might want to consider joining a Japanese language school right here in the fabulous country of Japan. Here, you will be immersed in everything Japanese. So, if you're thinking about coming to Japan, you will want to definitely keep studying Japanese. This is where joining a Japanese language school comes in. Whether it is Tokyo, which is always bustling 24/7 or the countryside, choosing a language school is what you will need to do and research it. Attending a Japanese language school, you will meet other people from other countries who are also studying Japanese just like you.

Recommendation of Japanese language schools

Kai Japanese Language (KAI)


Here at ST Booking, while we suggest ways on how you can learn Japanese easily, we are also going to recommend you a Japanese language school that will interest you. One Japanese language school is Kai Japanese Language School. Kai Japanese Language (KAI) was founded in 1987, and is located in Shinjuku. The location of the school is very convenient for students because there are numerous restaurants and shops nearby. Kai Japanese Language is located at 1-15-18, Okubo, Shinjuku, Tokyo. The school’s mission or ideology is ‘to support student’s self-realization taking innovation as the keyword.’ Kai Japanese Language is abbreviated as “KAI” because it does have a meaning, which is represented by the Chinese characters such as “open”, “comfortable,” “understanding,” “world,” “encounter,” “ocean,” and “innovate.” Kai Japanese Language is a great school to attend because the professors constantly grasp the needs of their students.” Wondering what the student demography is, well the school is diverse. European students make up most of the demography, which is 60%, 22% for Asia, North, Central, and South America are both at 7%. If you are interested in attending this Japanese language school. Also, to make life easier, we have provided an overview regarding Kai Japanese Language School for your convenience.

Contact from here:Kai Japanese Language (KAI)

If you are a beginner who is studying Japanese, there are numerous different ways to learn the language. If you want to learn Japanese, know Japanese culture, work and/or live in Japan or coming to the country of the “Rising Sun” to learn is the best way.

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