Famous Japanese Youtube Stars


PDS株式会社 -PDS Kabushikigaisha

Born in England , His real name is ペイン・ダンテ将之介 (Pain Dante Shounosuke). Although he was born in England, he doesn't speak English at all. In 2006 he joined ジャニーズ entertainment group which is a group known to have very attracted pop stars. If you follow his twitter, you'll realize that he has had a rough patch with his father who left him and his two brothers when he was in 1st grade. Upon graduating high school, he decided to go back to Denmark to meet his father, but decided he could not tolerate him (doesn't specify why) so he shortly after came back to Japan.

He has a brother who is also a Youtuber, PDR株式会社 . He is 9 years older than PDS. He speaks fluent English and Japanese. His real name is ペイン・ダンカン・龍之介 (Pain Duncan Ryunosuke).

purin http://i.ytimg.com/vi/mWaS55XW9XM/maxresdefault.jpg


I remember I first saw Hikakin beatboxing Super Mario back in 2010. I was pretty amazed at his skills, but now he is an worldwide internet sensation. He also collaborated with famous singers such as Aerosmith, Ariana Grande, and Ne-yo. You can watch his Ariana Grande collab here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbplpcAGSZ8 This 27 year old star has a total of 7,450,000 subscribers.

せいきん -Seikin

He is Hikakin's older brother and just like Hikakin, he wears sunglasses in his videos too. He does a bit more singing than Hikakin (no beatboxing) and have releases a few albums. Because he is an acapella singer, it seams that him and his brother use their own voice as instruments. He has 1,883,415 subscribers.

hikakin http://www.tunecore.co.jp/news/91

Kan & Aki

I must say these two always bring a smile to my face. They are just so adorable doing everyday things that kids do: go to water parks, paint a cardboard house, build sand castles at the beach, etc. It's nothing crazy, they are just broadcasting their lives but somehow have millions of views. Life should be simple like this family. Kanna (9 years old) and Akira(7) have another sister Asahi (2) and a brother, Asahi (0).

Their parents upload videos, and also write a blog which you can read here:


They have 1,339,708 subscribers.


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