Here’s How To Learn Japanese


So you want to learn Japanese? Well, we welcome you and hope to provide numerous information regarding how you can learn Japanese. This article is geared towards readers who want to learn Japanese and is a guide to the different ways that you can successfully study Japanese. After reading this article, you will definitely want to travel to Japan and learn Japanese at a Japanese language school in Japan.

Learn Japanese with text book

Japanese Books

If you are wondering if it is possible to learn Japanese without a textbook, then you are mistaken because even though there are numerous online resources available, having a textbook is truly essential. Here at ST Booking, our staff works hard in order to provide you information regarding textbooks that will help you on your Japanese studies. Rather you are a beginner or advance on your Japanese studies, we suggest you books that will help you. Studying Japanese with a textbook is important because the book will contain grammar points, important Japanese vocabulary words, and forms of speech.

Since we are talking about Japanese text books, let me suggest you some that might be of interest to you.

"Japanese from Zero! 1"


"Japanese from Zero! 1" is a textbook that is popular for Japanese beginners and intermediate students. The textbook allows you to follow a lesson-based structure that covers grammar, vocabulary, writing, pronunciation, and more! While the book helps you study on grammar, the textbook also gives you information regarding Japanese culture or “Culture Clips”.

"Nihongo So-Matome Vocabulary N1"

Nihongo So-Matome Vocabulary N1

If you are preparing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, or JLPT, then this book is one that I highly recommend that you purchase. This textbook makes Japanese studying fun because this book helps you learn numerous vocabulary words and helps you understand regarding how the grammar is used in a sentence. Plus, there are also English, Chinese, and Korean translations, making the learning process easy.

A Guide to Japanese Grammar


A Guide to Japanese Grammar is a Japanese grammar book that is extremely detailed and comprehensive. This book is a perfect reference book because it provides sentence examples and vocabulary that is used in everyday life, such as casual speech and slang. A Guide to Japanese Grammar is a book that I recommend for people who wants to learn Japanese until they are fluent.

Study with online apps


The good thing about today’s society is that we can learn Japanese offline and online. Thanks to the Internet, there are numerous Japanese apps that you can download onto your smartphone, which are helpful when it comes to studying Japanese. With the numerous apps that are available, let me recommend you three online apps that will definitely help you on your Japanese studies.

"Learn Japanese by Mindsnacks"


Want to have fun learning Japanese? Then why not download "Learn Japanese by Mindsnacks," which the app focuses mostly on building vocabulary. The application provides over 800 words and phrases to study, and supports Kana, Kanji, and Romaji. No matter what level you are in your Japanese, this app is perfect for everyone.



"Anki" is a popular app in which you learn through flashcards, which you will have to import Kanji and vocabulary words. The app Anki is really simple because it allows you to create your own flash cards with words, sentences, kana, and kanji. Since Anki means “memory” in Japanese, you will be able to memorize numerous vocabulary and kanji’s thanks to this app. Anki makes Japanese learning easy and fun, which you can download the app onto your mobile phone or tablet for free.


"FluentU" is a great app because you are basically learning Japanese by watching. FluentU takes real-world Japanese videos (e.g. music videos and documentaries) and turns them into personalized language learning lessons. While using this app, FluentU gradually eases you into learning the Japanese language and culture because you’ll learn in real Japanese as it is spoken in real life by native speakers. You will not have to worry regarding your skill level because the app provides interactive transcripts, which you can tap on any word and look it up instantly. Definitions, sentence examples, and audio pronunciation is available. If you are an audio-visual learner, then FluentU is an app that you should download.

Watch Japanese movies with Japanese subtitles


Take a break from your Japanese learning and watch a great movie with subtitles. Watching Japanese movies is a great recommendation because we learn by hearing and seeing, which you will be doing while watching the film. Also, you will be able to see how Japanese people interact with their friends as they love using expressions and gestures in their daily conversations. Through watching, you will start using gestures and expressions when you talk with your Japanese friends also. So choose a great movie that many Japanese people are talking about and discuss how fantastic the film was with your friends.

If you are looking on what film to watch, my recommendation is to check out the Japanese film titled “Bakuman.” The film is based on the hit manga of the same name and tells the story regarding two high school students who are inspired to make it big as manga artists. “Bakuman” was released in October 3, 2015.

Participate in Japanese events


Since you are learning Japanese, while not immerse yourself and participate in a Japanese event. You do not necessarily need to live in Japan because Japanese events are usually held at your home country. Just keep your eyes and ears open as your Japanese friends who are maybe studying abroad in your home country will announce events that they will host. The reason why you should participate in a Japanese event is because you will be able to see how the Japanese enjoy having fun whenever an event occurs. If you decide to come to Japan, an event that I recommend you go to is Akita Kanto Matsuri. This event is held every August 3rd to the 6th. When you are at the festival, there is lots of energy because people comes dressed in short jackets, hachimaki headbands, white tabi socks, and zori straw sandals, which they take turns in hoisting up the kanto one at a time to the sound of flutes and drums.

Learn Japanese at Japanese language school in your country

We know that there are many people globally who are learning Japanese and sometimes they cannot travel to the country to learn the language. Though let me brighten up the mood by saying that it can be done because there are Japanese language schools available in your country. You just need to do your research. There are many benefits when it comes to studying Japanese in your country because you will be able to meet other people who are studying the same language as you. Also, you get to motivate each other to keep learning the language because your dreams are exactly the same, which is to study, work, and live in Japan.

Make Japanese boyfriend/girlfriend


There are many reasons why you should have a Japanese boyfriend or girlfriend when it comes to learning the language that you are studying. The reason is because your boyfriend or girlfriend will be able to talk with and help you on Japanese. Plus, your boyfriend or girlfriend will be patient and will be able to explain new Japanese grammar that you will not learn in a classroom. Also, since you are learning a new language, your boyfriend or girlfriend will introduce you to Japanese culture too. Since you will want to converse with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you will always be motivated to study Japanese. So go out there and meet your Japanese boyfriend or girlfriend and start having fun on learning the language.

Go to Japanese Language School in Japan

You have saved money and is ready to travel to Japan. Now why don't you attend a Japanese language school while you are visiting Japan. With the intense lessons, you will be able to keep practicing Japanese and will not get rusty. Plus, experts and scholars have agreed that immersion is the best way to study Japanese. Depending on your level of Japanese, there is always a Japanese language school that is suited for you.

Recommendation of Japanese Language School in Japan

Here at ST Booking, we are here to provide you information regarding Japanese culture and language schools that might interest you. We know that there are numerous schools in Japan, which we make your search easier by providing you a recommendation in which you might be interested on attending in the future.

UJS Language Institute


UJS Language Institute was established in April 1986 in Roppongi, Tokyo. The language school is a dynamic and international ‘kingdom for the young.’ The school’s mission is to provide a unique Japanese language education program that emphasizes the context of culture and customs. Since the school’s foundation, they have always cherished speaking skills. If you have an interest to attend UJS, then contact us and one of our staff members will provide you information on how you can get started on your application at the language institute.

Contact from here: UJS Language Institute

How to learn Japanese?

While I have provided several guidelines when it comes to learning Japanese, there are other numerous ways to learning it. Though if you really want to learn, immerse, and challenge yourself with Japanese, then traveling to Japan to study is what you should definitely do.

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