How to learn Japanese language easily?


Depending on what level you are on your Japanese studies, this article is geared those people who wants to learn the language easily and quickly. No matter if you are a beginner or intermediate, information regarding how to learn Japanese quickly will be explained. With this being said, let’s jump right in.

Self-study with online materials


Since we are living in the world of technology, we have many ways to learn and master the Japanese language. Depending on your choice of learning, if you are one who is a little tight on money and time, self-studying with online materials is the best thing and good place to begin. The great thing about studying online is that you are able to learn at your own pace and is able to set your own schedule when it comes to studying Japanese. Since there are a plethora of online materials on the web, let me give you several recommendations on where you can start.

”Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese”


Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese” is a great online website because it contains all the key points for studying Japanese grammar. With the key points provided, explanations and sentence examples are provided clearly, making learning easy. There is also a list of vocabulary that are used in the examples that is provided in every lesson, with the kanji, readings, and English meanings. If you are not able to read the kanji, no worries because they can be clicked, which will provide you information regarding the meaning of the kanji.

”U-biq: Online Japanese Tests”



U-biq’s Online Japanese Tests” is an online website that provides a collection of quizzes on Japanese grammar, vocabulary, kanji, listening, and reading, which all these are essential when it comes to learning and mastering Japanese. This website is really focused on preparing you for the JLPT or Japanese Language Proficiency Test, which is an exam that is taken by many people in order to evaluate and certify Japanese language proficiency for non-native speakers.

”JGram: The Japanese Grammar Database”


JGram: The Japanese Grammar Database” is a website that provides a plethora of Japanese grammar. People who visit the website are able to register and write their very own examples of Japanese grammar. There is an extensive list of the most important grammar points that are utilized in Japanese grammar, with explanations and sentence usage examples. “JGram: The Japanese Grammar Database” covers all levels, so no worries about facing any difficulty when visiting this website. You are able to practice each lesson with quizzes or flashcards. Lastly, have fun studying Japanese because there are games on this website too.

Purchase Japanese textbooks


Purchasing a couple of Japanese textbooks is what you will need to do when it comes to studying Japanese. The reason is because there are going to be your best friend and will be your helpful guide throughout your Japanese learning. Having a Japanese textbook is great because it is filled with numerous information, which contains vocabulary words, grammar, sentence examples, and more. Here at ST Booking, we provide you information regarding how to master the Japanese language, which we do have information regarding textbooks that you should definitely purchase.

Textbook recommendations

Try! Grammar N2


Try! Grammar N2 is a book that is perfect for Japanese learners who likes a well-structured textbook and contains numerous information. This textbook provides great explanations when it comes to grammar points that can be read in both English and Japanese, making this book an effective one. For each lesson, there are chapter quizzes, which tests your knowledge.

Nihongo So-Matome Vocabulary N2


Nihongo So-Matome is another great textbook because there is a lesson for each day of the week. Also, a small set of questions are found at the end of each lesson, allowing you to test your knowledge regarding the material that was learned. This textbook makes Japanese studying interesting and fun.

Kanji Mater N2


We all know that memorizing kanji’s is difficult, which is why this textbook is a great recommendation. This book provides different lessons consisting of lists of kanji and spaces to practice writing the kanji. Also, quick tests on your ability to memorize the kanji and remember the readings is found inside this book. There is also a section on words, which shows you regarding how to use the kanji in a sentence, making it easier to remember what you are studying.

Watch Japanese anime and dramas with subtitles


Since you are studying diligently on Japanese, why not take a break and watch either a Japanese anime or drama. If you want, watch both to immerse yourself into the Japanese culture. There are numerous benefits when it comes to watching Japanese anime and dramas. You are able to see how Japanese interact and converse with other Japanese people. Notice that there are plenty of gestures and expressions seen. Another is that you can hear the way to pronounce the Japanese word correctly. When we learn a language, the effective method is listening and hearing. Choose a drama and anime that interests you, and talk with your Japanese friends regarding the episode that you watched.

Make Tomodachis: Japanese friends


Since you are now watching Japanese dramas and anime, it is time make some friends. The benefits are endless when it comes to having Japanese friends. The most obvious is that you have many teachers, which your friends will be there to help you along the way of your Japanese studies. If you have a Japanese question, just call or meet with them, and they will be happy to help you. Another reason to make some Japanese friends is because you are able to practice speaking your Japanese, which they will introduce you to new vocabulary words that you will not learn in a Japanese classroom.

Attend and study at a Japanese language school in Japan

You have studied and has followed all the suggestions regarding how to become proficient on the Japanese language. Feeling comfortable on where you are at, it is time to take up the challenge and enroll at a Japanese language school in Japan. When you attend a Japanese language school in Japan, you will immerse yourself into the Japanese language. Every day, no matter if you are inside or outside the classroom, you are going to be using your Japanese knowledge. You are going to meet Japanese people and will read Japanese characters no matter where you go. When attending a Japanese language school, you are going to meet and make friends with your fellow classmates, which you can hang out with them and enjoy the country of Japan.

Recommendation of Japanese Language School in Japan


UJS Language Institute


UJS Language Institute is a school that was established in April 1986 in Roppongi, Tokyo, which is a dynamic and international “Kingdom for the young.” Since the school’s foundation, UJS Language Institute have always cherished speaking skills. The school’s mission is to provide a unique Japanese language education program that puts emphasis on the context of culture and customs. If UJS Language Institute is a school that interests you, then contact us and one of our staff will assist and provide you detailed information regarding how to get your application started.

Contact from here: NILS

How to become fluent in Japanese?

While I have provided numerous information about becoming fluent in Japanese, coming to Japan and studying at a Japanese language school is what you should do. When you are here, definitely your Japanese learning will improve rapidly.

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