Living in an apartment, does not give you the chance to meet many people but you’ll be able to invite your friends. If you want to experience the Japanese culture and the traditional Japanese way of living, apartments may not be the best choice. However, apartments are generally more comfortable and spacious than dormitories.

The renting costs vary and depend on the location, size and length of stay. Apartments are the most expensive accommodation as you’ll probably have to buy your own furniture.

Shared Apartments

Shared apartments allow you to have a more independent life. You’ll share the common areas such as living room, kitchen and bathroom with flatmates but you’ll have your own room. This kind of accommodation is good for those who are eager to meet people and learn to live in a community.

Even though shard apartments are less expensive than apartments there is also less privacy as well.


Similar to shared houses, residents in dormitories share facilities (common area, kitchen & bathroom) with other people. Some bedrooms are furnished with a fridge and a private bathroom.

The Location of dormitories is generally very cosmopolitan and you can expect to meet people from all over the world. It is a good choice if you want to make friends and share your Japanese experience with others. This kind of accommodation is the cheapest available as you do not need to spend money on furniture.


Homestay is probably the best way for a real immersion into the Japanese Culture. You’ll be able to practice your Japanese and learn about the culture and traditions.

Also, families can advise you on transportation, food to eat and places to see Japan. In a homestay, you’ll have your own room but you’ll still have to share facilities with others. Japanese homestays are generally not as costly but requires self-discipline and respect of house rules.