Personal information protection policy

Hakodate Ventures Pte. Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “HV”) .Correctly treat customers privacy in dealing with business is HV’s obligation. HV made a privacy-related rules, and strictly abide by the laws of privacy policy.

Privacy and Code of Conduct

  1. HV has its own privacy protection rules and staffs. HV staff receive proper training on information protection measures. also accepted related education.
  2. We will manage all personal information in a proper manner.
  3. HV shall properly control personal information which is saved on electronic devices and take reasonable measures for prevention of unauthorized access to, and destruction, tampering, leakage or loss of it.
  4. The private information provided by clients is only used for the performance of contract and send the information of HV excellent products and services as well as other legitimate business.
  5. We do not permit third parties to use or disclose your personal information except for the purpose of providing the services we request of them
  6. 5. principle, HV informs clients that the purpose of collecting personal information and the third party of using this information.
  7. Based on the contract, HV prevent privacy disclosure and forwarding from the source.
  8. HV receives the clients confirmation request and change of personal information in a reasonable range.
  9. Please contact us if you have any queries.
  10. HV not only compliances with Japan personal information protection law as well as other related norms, but also efforts to learn and improve these rules.

Personal information protection policy

Please contact the information desk below for inquiries or complaints about our personal information management.