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Kudan Institute of Japanese Language&Culture

School Info

We have been welcoming students from 40 countriesper month. Under this circumstances, you can make new friends from all over the world and know their culture and custom as well as Japanese!

  • TokyoTeitomisakicho Bidg., 2-7-10 Misaki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0061
  • Suidobashi station,Jimbocho station,Kudanshita station
School typelanguage school
Main home countries of registered international studentsVietnam
Total number of students75
Course Info

Degree Prep Course/ General Language Course

Course duration / Tuition

600,000 yen/yr(at least 2 weeks, 2 yrs max)

Degree Prep Course (by week)

Course duration / Tuition

14,500 yen

Summer&Winter Course

Course duration / Tuition

3-7 weeks: price varies
For 2016 version:
Summer Course1 (July 2 – July 30)
Summer Course 2 (July 30 – August 20)
Summer Course 3 (July 2 – August 20)

Enroll date


Manga&Language Course

Course duration / Tuition

1M: 148,000 yen
3M: 374,000 yen

Kanji and Hiragana Course

Course duration / Tuition

4 weeks: 58,000 yen

Japanese Conversation Course

Course duration / Tuition

at least 2 weeks: 14,500 yen/week

Private Lessons

Course duration / Tuition

price varies

Address of dorm

Tohjin Dormitories

Address of dorm

TOHTO Guest House

Address of dorm

J&F House

Address of dorm

Sakura house